When Two Tribes Go For More

Written by Emma O'Connell

RDSi have been supporting charities for as long as we have been in existence, but this year we wanted to make that contribution more tangible than monetary gifting. We wanted to offer our ability to understand people. We felt that there were voices that needed to be heard and important questions to be asked and we felt ideally placed to help.

Our chosen partners, The WorldWide Tribe have a fascinating story. It begins with a spontaneous visit to the Calais Jungle, develops with a newly adopted brother from Eritrea and takes a dramatic turn after a personal Facebook post led to warehouses full of donations. From here the Tribe was born, with a mission to highlight the humanity behind world issues, inspire global community and leave a legacy of positive, social change.

At the RDSi quarterly get-together, The WorldWide Tribe came in to present their story. Through videos and stories, siblings Jaz and Nils O’Hara showed us their first-hand experience of the humanitarian crisis. They had seen people in desperate circumstances, driven to better their lives and misunderstood by many. They told us stories of engineers, lawyers, doctors caught up in war and left without home or family. Ultimately, they showed us the stories of people and we felt that we could contribute to their cause.

Since that meeting we are working together to find ways in which we can contribute our resources to help The WorldWide Tribe continue and progress the work they do.

For more information about The WorldWide Tribe, please visit their website below:

The WorldWide Tribe