Rites of Fatherhood

Written by RDSi


RDSi get up close and personal with Dad2015!  This new breed of hands-on fathers nurture, cook and shop, and bring their own aspirations and preferences to the shopping arena.

Is this dad so different from his predecessors? Dad2015 is reworking the hard-wired notion of ‘provider’ into a more rounded one with a stronger  emotional element.  But he is still one of the lads, responsive to the idea of winning and exhibiting ‘hunter-gatherer’ behaviours. Looking at our qual and quant findings through an anthropological lens has helped us get under the skin of a target that eschews deeper self reflection.  Starting from what dads do, rather than say, helped us uncover what it may all mean. Our Rites of Fatherhood look at the everyday ‘actions imbued with meaning’ that have become markers of modern fatherhood, and tremendous opportunities for brands.

If you’d like to hear the full story, get in touch with: Tim Gowing