Millennials Mindcast: Autumn Update

Written by RDSi

Our millennials qualitative digital hub is now well underway! We’re aiming to get an in-depth understanding of the behaviours, habits and user experiences of our millennial consumers. As researchers, not only have we been fully immersing ourselves into the lives of our participants via the digital hub, but we’re also following our them on social media to understand what they are engaging with in real- time.

Our research has identified some initial themes that could provide a valuable framework for considering millennial attitudes and experiences.

Younger Millennials are making more conscious choices

Our millennials are vocal about wanting to make more ethical and moral choices as consumers. This is a core part of their identity: they ‘cannot remember a time when they weren’t concerned about the environment’ and these views make up ‘large parts’ of who they are as people. This generation feel that they are faced with more choices than ever – ethical cues can be a way to navigate through the many decisions they face as consumers, individuals and members of society. They also perceive themselves as keenly different to preceding generations; therefore having a responsibility to protect the environment and maximise the ‘good’ they can do to the world around them.

Millennials more prone to stress than any other generation

With this fast paced, dynamic and innovative generation comes a huge amount of individual stress from a wide range of collective pressures. We know that our millennials are putting an enormous  amount of pressure on themselves to achieve in sports, academics, musical and social life; ‘feeling that only the best is good enough.’ The pressures of instant connectivity in social media has given our millennials a competitive drive to succeed and encouraged them to build identities based on brand choices and brand experiences. We can see that whilst connectivity can bring opportunity, it can also bring discomfort and uncertainty – especially when the pressure to achieve and succeed is always just one click away!

Millennials are opting for ‘Quality over Quantity’

In a world of so much choice, smart choices are key for our millennials and this is reflected in anything from their choice of toothpaste to branded butter. Cost is a key concern, but millennials are judging value less by amount spent and more by added value and convenience. From wellbeing concepts in skin products to less artificial colours in sports drinks, our millennials are invested in pushing out the unnecessary and making room for the great! Alongside this, the impact of social media has meant that posting and liking on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram has perpetuated brand choices as reflective of individual lifestyle and aspirations.