Millenial Mindcast: Now Live

Written by RDSi

Our new trailblazing digital community following the lives of millennials is now live! Over the next few months, we will be keeping in touch with a group of millennials who have just started life at university via a digital hub. The aim is to keep track of all the latest trends and issues that matter to this group of millennials during a significant transitional phase in their lives.


“Honestly, I can’t remember not being concerned about the environment. It’s always been such a large part of who I am”
So far we’ve been exploring their evolving relationships with brands, products and services, as well as relationships with family and friends. We’ll be continuing this over the next few months in order to observe how these relationships change over time according to their needs as individuals and as consumers.

“Trying to decide whether the people I’m friends with are the people I actually want to hang around with and whether I should put my morals aside to join in with things that ultimately I wasn’t comfortable doing”
As researchers, not only have we been fully immersing ourselves into the lives of our millennials via the digital hub, but we’re also following them on social media in order to see who and what they are engaging with in real-time.

“Making connections with a wide variety of people is really important to me and my phone allows me to manage these connections”
Up to now, we’ve been finding out about their personal highs and lows this year, their relationships with social media and we’ve started to delve into some of their buying habits. Further down the line we’ll be talking about finances, shopping habits and much, much more!

So this is your chance to get involved, pose questions, and find out what it all means for your business. If you have any burning questions, areas of interest you would like us to explore or simply want to find out more about millennials, please don’t hesitate to call or email a member of the team.