The Colour of Money – Building distinctive brand assets

Written by Andy Fraser

Over the past three years, we have evolved our approach to Brand Tracking to make it more effective, more sensitive, and more insightful in understanding consumer perceptions towards brands. This has helped our clients to better understand their market position and most importantly use this insight to help them to grow.

This year we have introduced another important dimension to our brand tracking, which has been designed to solve the challenge of identity. Specifically, this means the multifaceted ways (assets) in which brands present themselves to consumers; Logos, colours, strap lines, jingles, celebrity endorsements and even packaging shapes, formats, patterning. These characteristics become the defining features and beauty spots on the face of your brand, which consumers see each time they think of you. However, over time the face your brand can get a bit wrinkly, show the scars of old logos, old straplines and advertising styles, that can leave your consumers confused as to what is really you!

So back to our solution. RDSidentity is a bolt on to our brand tracking approach that will tell you the power and association of each of your brand assets, giving you the intel to accentuate your key features and remove those that aren’t really you. And why is this important? Well let’s reflect on some of the most powerful assets; If I describe a sports brand with a tick, do you know who I mean? A confectionery brand using deep purple? Which restaurant chain Is Loving It? And what snack might you share with Gary Lineker? Create these strong assets and you are building almost unbreakable memory structures that give you flexibility in creating your comms and adaptability when advertising across different platforms. For example, can you communicate your brand in the same way via online banner advertising as you can on radio? But the most important reason for creating a set of strong assets is that it helps to build neurological diversity. The more assets that remind the consumer of your brand, the stronger your position.

Interested to know more? We recently ran some research into colour association within banking. Each bank and building society use colour as one of their key identifiers, trying to both convey their personality through that colour. They aim to build memory structures to help you recall the brand when you see advertising, high-street branches, cash machines and credit cards. The results showed us that only a couple of banking brands can genuinely rely on their colour to communicate their brand, with most failing to own their colour or drive association.

If you are interested to know more about RDSidentity, then get in touch to find out the power of your assets.