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We believe our Thought Leadership helps us as researchers develop a greater understanding in key areas or with key audiences and we are always willing to share this knowledge with our clients, either as part of a project where relevant, or simply as a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session for brand teams. Keep coming back to see what we are working on and do get in touch if you want to learn more.

Generation Z

Decoding Gen Z

There’s a reason Gen Z are so fascinating for us and our clients – they are the generation that is sneaking up fast on the consumer marketplace. As part of our generational work here at RDSi and following on from our hugely successful Gen Z : Ask Me Anything event (October 2017), we have uncovered… Read more »

Food is more than just fuel!

RDSi have been having some really interesting conversations with people about emerging health & food trends. We are learning more about how food choices are influenced by the cultural environment in which consumers today are operating and how they work to express identity and build community. In a time of uncertainty, consumers are taking back… Read more »

The Transformation of Digital Qual

Digital qual certainly isn’t a new concept in the world of market research, but it is one that continues to evolve and have bigger implications for us as researchers. That’s why, in September 2017, we ran two breakfast seminars (London and Leeds) for our clients called ‘The Transformation of Digital Qual’, covering a range of… Read more »

The Over 50s Generation: Welcome to the liberating lifestage

To quench our unwavering desire to understand people, RDSi frequently conduct our own exploratory research into misunderstood consumers. When it came to selecting our subject in 2017, we realised that over a decade had passed since we took the time to explore the interesting and diverse world of the over 50s. True to their increasing… Read more »

Millennials Mindcast: Autumn Update

Our millennials qualitative digital hub is now well underway! We’re aiming to get an in-depth understanding of the behaviours, habits and user experiences of our millennial consumers. As researchers, not only have we been fully immersing ourselves into the lives of our participants via the digital hub, but we’re also following our them on social… Read more »

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