London Climate Action Week

Written by Dan Solkin

Mayor Sadiq Khan has declared a Climate Emergency, and in response has created London Climate Action Week from 1st July to the 8th July. As many of us live and work in London, we are pledging our time and efforts to support the campaign, but as a business we have been in support of climate initiatives for some time. Just last week, the team were meeting to discuss our role as a company within the newly emerging Citizenship landscape. This evolution, from consumer to citizen, is progressing all around us, as consumers realise that life is about more than just buying stuff, it’s about participating for the greater good.

When it comes to measuring impact on the climate, the Insight Industry receives little scrutiny or blame. With our chief export being intelligence capital, and our main fuel being opinion, Insight and Research is understandably far down the list of offenders. However, we have been looking a little more closely at our work and rethinking about the way we behave and the impact we may have. We found some sobering statistics online, such as “A 1MB email, emits the same CO2 as turning on an old-fashioned lightbulb for 25 minutes”. And more disconcerting, “Each year, the average internet user emits the equivalent CO2 to a car driving 1,400km, or London to Latvia.” We are in continual dialogue with consumers through online research, such as surveys and online communities, and this activity is affecting our climate.

So, long term, we are looking at the way we operate and questioning whether we are embracing the citizen evolution.  Short term, we have drawn up some tips to reduce our CO2 emissions, and we encourage you to do the same, starting this week and forever more.

  • Reduce the size of documents before sending as an attachment. Either PDF or format pictures to reduce resolution.
  • When sharing documents internally, always share a link to the document on the server, not as an attachment. (Format Text > change to Rich Text > Paste Special > Link)
  • Don’t send an email when you can walk over and speak to someone.
  • Don’t print something unless you really need to. We all need to change the way we work, even if it doesn’t come naturally.
  • Delete old emails – This is a tricky one, but at the very least sort your inbox by file size and delete the biggies that you know you don’t need any more. It takes energy to keep them saved on a server!
  • Unsubscribe from newsletters you don’t read.
  • Type the address of a website into your address bar or add sites to your favourites. Every Google Search munches energy
  • On your smartphones, stop apps running in the background that don’t need to. Turn off your WIFI and GPS when not using it. The quicker your battery runs down, the sooner you have to charge it, and that takes energy. Also, when charging your phone, switch to flight mode. It will charge quicker.
  • Turn your work phone off, or to flight mode overnight.