From creative idea to a successful advertising campaign

Written by Katrina Copsey

We are surrounded by advertising every day, on the TV, the radio, online and in the press. Clients spend huge sums of money on their campaign so how do you make sure you’re spending money on the right idea?

At RDSi we consider advertising to be one of our areas of expertise and we understand that researching advertising requires particular sensitivity…

Emotion is at the heart

The most powerful advertising connects with human desire, needs and feelings. We must elicit emotion subtly and actively; as researchers we must put this at the heart of our facilitation and analysis. Our probing must always elicit feelings and we must remember that not all emotions are immediately verbalised. Sensitivity to expression, energy and body language is essential. Skilled researchers can feel this and follow up.

Spontaneity is key

Understanding respondents’ spontaneous reactions is essential… research groups often last for 2 hours and it is easy for consumers to become rational in their thinking and to criticise; it is about the first moments of response, the real emotions, it is not about how they sum up their feelings an hour later.

We recognise that our role as researchers in this process is to explore an idea, route, or territory, to nurture its potential – to see how it connects with consumer emotions and in consultation with the client and the agency, explore how the idea can grow and develop.