Digital Connections in the time of Covid-19

Written by Davina O'Donoghue

As you are well aware, the implications of Coronavirus are unprecedented and no work environment finds itself without challenges. As a global insight agency RDSi is, of course, impacted. However, as an early adopter of digital approaches we are also confident that our vast experience of online and remote tools, coupled with our big, analytical brains will ensure we can continue to deliver exactly what our clients need, whilst keeping everyone as safe and protected as possible.

We have been pioneering digital solutions to our clients‘ needs since 2011. Over this time we have learnt a great deal about how to craft and manage our processes to elicit the very ‘best in class’ output.

Here are our guiding principles:

We are platform neutral: this ensures we can employ the most relevant technology for the audience, the stimulus, the client team and desired outputs. We are not tied into obsolete offerings or those that we know don’t deliver on their promises!

All of our digital work is designed and executed by ‘real’, highly experienced researchers… not community managers and not bots. We moderate with the same skill online as we do face to face.

Our recruitment and screening processes are as rigorous as they would be for face to face approaches: no room for charlatans and deceivers!

We have refined our interrogative approaches to truly capture system 1 and system 2 responses

We have employed creative wizardry to online task design – captivating respondents emotionally and playfully creates trust and transparency in their responses

We know how to optimise and manipulate stimulus online: it is a unique science!

Our analysis process starts during the digital process and is as rigorous as the analysis we do for face to face work. Digital is not just about clips and verbatims: it is about strategic guidance and impactful outcomes

The Types of Digital Projects We Do

Brand: Positioning, Evolution, Purpose

Comms: Creating, evaluating and sustaining campaigns and assets

Innovation: Idea generation, winning concepts, UX, IPM, HUT

Digital in the Time of Covid-19 – We are all citizens

The necessity of home working and for some, self- isolation, can afford us a unique opportunity to connect with our fellow beings:

With lessened time pressures on respondents: we can learn about peoples’ behaviours in their homes and with their families around them, at different times of the day and on different days of the week. This is a luxury we are seldom afforded when life is ‘business as usual’. It is a good time to reflect of the types of projects that might really benefit from this scenario.

The desire to participate in any sort of discourse is likely to be very high amongst a society experiencing isolation from the ‘outside’ world. We know from years of online communities, participants often bond and enjoy the connections they make… it may not be a direct benefit to your business or ours but by running digital research we can feel good about connecting people and giving them stimulation and attention at a time of isolation.

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