Charity, participation and Citizenship

Written by Robyn Drysdale

At RDSi, we have always supported two chosen charities, donating 1% of our profit to these each year, without fail. This year, it was time for a rethink; to make sure we were focusing on charities that truly aligned with our companies’ vision.  We also wanted charities that are making a real impact at grassroots or through lobbying.  Getting the team involved is the RDSi way: every individual’s voice counts – so to ensure we were all genuinely invested…we took a vote!

The winners: Friends of the Earth and Food Cycle – respectively, a charity renowned for its promotion and support of all Environmental issues, and one that is all about people – supporting those who may be hungry or lonely.

At RDSi we are committed to the belief that We are all Citizens…not just data – and Citizens participate.  So, this time around, we will not simply be donating a sum of money to our chosen charities, we will be actively involved in our support. We speak about being experts in enabling brands to fulfil their role in both people’s lives and in society – well RDSi is a brand, and it’s our turn!

To kick things off, we are running an initiative called ‘Bees Please’ in support of FOTE #SaveTheBees. We have been sending out bee friendly wildflower seeds to every single one of our clients and asking them to plant these seeds in a bid to address the decline in Bee’s diversity. Our bees are dying out fast and a major reason for this is the loss of their natural habitat. They’ve lost 97% of wildflower meadows in the past 70 years. As this world functions like an incredibly complex machine, we believe we can all play an important role in keeping the balance, so let’s get planting!

Secondly, in support of the same charity, we will be partaking in their plant a tree campaign to combat climate change. All unused computer hardware at RDSi will be recycled, and every penny we receive from doing this will go straight towards this campaign.

Thirdly (but by no means finally!) we will be getting involved in the work of our other chosen charity – Food Cycle. Members of the RDSi team will be getting their ‘chef on’ and volunteering to cook at Food Cycle events around the UK, as well as jumping on bikes to help with food collection, and playing host for the day…so keep a look-out for us documenting our experiences!

These three initiatives are just the beginning of our mission at RDSi, to not just support our chosen charities financially, but to actively participate, and strive to become better Citizens.