Unlocking winning ideas in the premium chocolate market

Written by on February 25th, 2018

The Business Issue

Our client came to us looking for a global positioning for their premium chocolate brand. They had a huge number of ideas and needed a way of condensing them into something concise and actionable to inform their strategy. The positioning needed to be impactful in both the US and Japan and they needed a clear rationale for why they had chosen that positioning.

What We Did

Our client had 80 ideas across a number of themes which we put in front of 1000 respondents. We used a Tinder-style trade-off exercise where they were shown a selection of the ideas in a variety of combinations and asked to choose their favourites. Following the identification of a core set of ideas, we re-contacted respondents to take part in a digital qualitative hub where they were asked for more nuanced feedback on the ideas they’d selected.

The Output

This culminated in a detailed report and debrief that allowed us to condense insight from 80 ideas into actionable themes, recommendations and, crucially, a common positioning across markets. The comprehensive nature of our methodology meant we were also able to share learnings from other, less successful ideas. The flexibility of our methodology allowed us to tell our client a clear story in a timely and cost effective way.