How tone of voice across different channels can work to empower the 60-80-year-old demographic and build brand warmth

Written by on January 29th, 2018

The Business Issue

Our client, a multi-channel home and garden retailer, were aware of their customers’ older demographic, but needed to better understand the daily struggles and needs customers faced around the home and the garden. In-light-of this context, a review of the current offer was required, to ensure it felt relevant and compelling enough to continue generating interest.

What we did

As we were speaking to an older demographic, it was important that our respondents felt comfortable. It was also key that we could easily probe on the current repertoire of products, so we conducted in-home depth interviews. Time was spread across understanding the daily lives of this audience, and reviewing the brand offer across different channels. We ended the interviews by taking short summary Vox Pop videos to bring the key points to life.

The Output

A key learning from the research was uncovering the desire of this audience to do things for themselves, and how the brand we were exploring had the opportunity to empower customers through not only the products they sell, but how this offer was communicated (tone of voice). Video footage of customers were particularly powerful in documenting how this audience genuinely feels, and the impact a brand like this can have, both functionally and emotionally.