Optimising a multi channel campaign

Written by on March 6th, 2018

Our client had a striking campaign idea to launch a new product line in the US. They had stimulus for multiple channels, including various executions for each. They needed to understand the impact of the campaign idea overall, to make sure it communicated an empowering message to women, as well as conveying the brand as forward thinking and relevant to consumers’ experiences. They also needed to understand the impact of different models, copy, and product images.

We used the 360 methodology to slowly expose different campaign elements to different segments of consumers in counterbalanced order. The first stage, of individual responses, allowed us to recommend which campaign elements facilitated comprehension of the message, and intrigue for the product line. The second, discussion stage revealed that the overall campaign idea was making a real emotional impact, and created ideas for optimisation. Our client was delighted with the findings and the methodology, quote below…

‘This was an excellent tool to test the water of an overall campaign idea without overwhelming consumers with too much information all at once. It also helped us identify assets worth pursuing further.’