Feeding into the new brand strategy for a financial service client

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The Business Issue

As part of a review and re-development of its brand strategy and vision, one of our financial services clients needed to gain in-depth understanding of what ‘confidence’ means to consumers, and the implications of how that looks and feels in practice across different insurance sectors (both now and in the future)

What We Did

We ran a week-long hub with both customers and non-customers of the brand (males and females, aged 35-75), using a mix of projective activities in order to tap into the deeper meaning of what was a rather abstract topic. By using these techniques, we were able to delve into the individual stories of our participants and then pull out the specifics by probing for more detail. As well as projective exercises, we also used more straightforward tasks relating to particular purchase / experience journeys, asking more directly about the details involved in each journey

The Output

The findings helped shape the focus of the new brand strategy, in particular in how to communicate with consumers both now and in the future. This included what areas to focus on in comms, as well as what to avoid, and what tone to use when in direct contact with consumers