Exploratory research with over 55’s to understand their attitudes to health

Written by on January 5th, 2018

The Business Issue

The overriding marketing objective was to drive penetration amongst non/lapsed users for a health product. In order to do this, there was a need to re-build the product’s position and establish a credible, valuable and ownable role in the lives of their two key audiences – mums & boomers (aged 55+)

What we did

An ethnographic inspired qualitative approach was vital to provide support and give a depth of understanding to the two identified segments. Consumers were extensively pre-tasked with self-scripts, product trials, product deprivations, till harvests & video diaries to uncover needs, attitudes & behaviours. This was followed by face to face triads in order to explore the role of the product in question. RDSi facilitated a consumer immersion workshop at the end of the process to ensure clients were full equipped going forwards.

The Output

The research findings fed into brand planning for the following year. We were able to establish how to define the audiences and what the key differentiators were for these audiences, and then overlay the role of the product.