Bringing to life the experience of older consumers

Written by on January 4th, 2018

The Business Issue

Our client was a multichannel clothes retailer targeting 65-85 year old women.  After years of success, they were starting to see a levelling off in trade and recognised they needed to really re-connect with their older customers to optimise, not only the clothes they were selling, but how they were presented and communicated.

What we did

We were commissioned to run a ‘Day-in-the-Life’ project. We needed to really understand how women in their 70s and 80s lived their lives, how they experienced mobility and health problems, their self-image and ultimately, what they needed from clothes today and communication preferences. We ran extended in-home depth interviews understanding and observing women’s emotional worlds, their social lives and really experiencing their issues with clothes and underwear first hand.  We trawled through their wardrobes and got them to show us their favourite and least favourite outfits. We also asked them to do a pre-task to bring to life their day-to-day struggles and relationship with clothes in terms of fastenings, waste-bands, comfort etc.

The Output

The research really immersed the client team in the worlds of their core customers, allowing them to genuinely walk in their shoes. We were able to illustrate the detail of the struggles women were experiencing with clothes and help product designers come up with new garment features that made life easier without compromising style. We helped the marketing team understand how to stay aspirational for these women (20/30-somethings in the 1960s) – optimising communications, messaging, imagery and brochure design. We were able to give specific guidance on how fabrics needed to perform and how styles needed to work for these women, helping range designers get the balance right and purchasers make the right buying decisions.