We are all citizens,
not just data.

Consumers just buy stuff.
Citizens participate.

We are experts in enabling brands to fulfil their role in both people’s lives and in society. We are highly agile qual and quant insight specialists working in the UK and globally.

Insight, interpretation
& impact.

Our promise is to uncover the connections and insights that drive growth and change for a better future. Using a diverse range of methodologies, sources and contexts, we deliver the best of human insight situated against the new purpose-led marketplace.

Our values.

Think of them like our mini-manifesto; four principles that underpin our work and character.

Our values are the essential ingredients in our approach to insight. You will find them evidenced in all of our work, and across all of our team. This helps us to deliver impactful insight solutions across four distinct pillars; Brand, Comms, Innovation, Being.


Brand positioning, tracking, evolution and purpose.


Creating, evaluating and sustaining global campaigns.


Idea generation, winning concepts, user experience and sensory profiling.


Exploratory cultural understanding and social conscience.

Rapid insight

We use a variety of specialist skills, techniques and processes that we can deliver either as a bespoke combination or in isolation, depending on the needs of your project. You might call them products, or maybe solutions, or maybe services – but whatever you call them, they are the ingredients from which we’ll meet your brief.

Rapid Insight.

We use a variety of specialist skills, techniques and processes that we can deliver either as a bespoke combination or in isolation, depending on the needs of your project. You might call them products, or maybe solutions, or maybe services – but whatever you call them, they are the ingredients from which we’ll meet your brief.
  • Comms / Creative Development.Read More

    We understand what makes consumers respond to comms and we know how to diagnose and tease apart the strategy, execution, stimulus – we nurture ideas to help shape and evolve.

  • Brand Development.Read More

    We work with clients to help build their brands and to create consumer-centric strategies, through innovative and engaging research techniques

  • Brand Tracking.Read More

    Our proprietary approach to brand tracking utilises explicit and implicit techniques within a core KPI framework, centred around the availability and relevance of your brand.

  • Exploratory & Cultural Understanding.Read More

    Through observation, exploration and understanding, we employ our fascination for human behaviour to derive exactly what it means for your brand.

  • Ideation & Sensory Development.Read More

    From conception to launch, providing guidance on sensorial delivery of the products.

  • Concepts.Read More

    We hear ‘concepts’ but we think ‘adcepts’; a refined approach to concept testing that enables creative ideas to flourish and engages respondent’s System 1 and 2.

  • International.Read More

    We have experience conducting research right around the globe, and bring that expertise to every project. However, we understand there are barriers to researching in-market and at such times we employ creative methods that deliver international research on a domestic budget.

  • Segmentations.Read More

    In a world of algorithms and personalisation, segmentations are still one of the most powerful tools for understanding consumers’ needs and attitudes. We design, conduct and deliver a segmentation bespoke to your business.

Work, projects
& clients.

We work in strategic partnership with some of the world’s biggest brands. We’re experts in creating bespoke, tailored responses to all types of brief. We’ve picked out a few projects to showcase our expertise but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you’d like to see more of our work, just get in touch.

Thought leadership.

The more you learn, the more you want to know. New issues to explore. New questions to ask. New challenges to meet. So, to help us stay sharp and savvy, we invest in our own thought leadership projects. It feeds our curiosity and informs our work.

  • The Ethical Consumer and Alcohol

    The near constantly publicised horror created by decades of mindless consumption and reckless waste is penetrating deeply into the consciousness of consumers. It is slowly...

    Read More

    Decoding Gen Z

    There’s a reason Gen Z are so fascinating for us and our clients – they are the generation that is sneaking up fast on the...

    Read More

  • Plastics: a fresh(er) perspective

    As part of our research into the effects of the plastic crisis on consumer behaviour, we recently published an article called The Ethical Tipping Point:...

    Read More

    The Transformation of Digital Qual

    Digital qual certainly isn’t a new concept in the world of market research, but it is one that continues to evolve and have bigger implications...

    Read More

  • The Over 50s Generation: Welcome to the liberating lifestage

    To quench our unwavering desire to understand people, RDSi frequently conduct our own exploratory research into misunderstood consumers. When it came to selecting our subject...

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    Millennials Mindcast: Autumn Update

    Our millennials qualitative digital hub is now well underway! We’re aiming to get an in-depth understanding of the behaviours, habits and user experiences of our...

    Read More

  • Millenial Mindcast: Now Live

    Our new trailblazing digital community following the lives of millennials is now live! Over the next few months, we will be keeping in touch with...

    Read More

    Uncovering the lives of the over 50s

    The over 50s are a diverse, nuanced group, dealing with a wide range of issues from retirement and health challenges through to finding love again. ...

    Read More

  • Rites of Fatherhood

      RDSi get up close and personal with Dad2015!  This new breed of hands-on fathers nurture, cook and shop, and bring their own aspirations and...

    Read More


    Seven commandments you can follow to delight your customers. This interactive session focuses only on delight that has real impact on behaviour, attitude and loyalty....

    Read More

  • Living Sustainably

    RDSi have been tracking issues surrounding sustainable living since 2008, most recently developing Living Sustainably. Our recent online qualitative forum has helped unearth the tangible...

    Read More

    From Gatekeeper to CEO

    Mum is no longer just Gatekeeper of the household, she is actively running it; She is CEO. This qualitative self-funded study dives into the world...

    Read More

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Meet the team.

Wendy Mitchell.


As founder and CEO of RDSi, Wendy has been with us from the very beginning. And whether for work or leisure, Wendy loves to travel the world, fuelling her fascination for people and places.

Kat Copsey.

Managing Director.

Kat is a qualitative expert, our RDSi Managing Director, and takes charge of all things HR. Having competed for Great Britain as a triathlete, it seems only natural that Kat should manage the project cycle, run the company, and keep us all getting along swimmingly.

Dave Power.

Board Director.

Dave is a quantitative specialist with a diverse research background, including client-side media. Dave likes to sit… at his piano, on his motorbike, or with a favourite book.

Emma O'Connell.

Board Director.

Emma is a highly experienced qualitative researcher and RDSi Board Director. Emma’s love for observing human behaviour extends beyond Homo sapiens; she’s seen gorillas in Rwanda and orangutans in Borneo as part of her love for conservation biology.

Tim Gowing.

Board Director.

Tim is one of our senior quantitative directors and a member of the RDSi Board. At weekends, Tim competes in downhill mountain bike racing, so he’s pretty good at things like risk analysis and getting places fast.

Steve Brown.

Board Member.

As a non-executive Board Member, and with an oversight on the RDSi accounts, Steve has to keep us on course when things are going smoothly and when life throws up the odd mogul. As a passionate skier, he is more than prepared for the challenge.

Work for us.

We are always on the look out for talented researchers to join our team. Whether you are experienced in either qualitative or quantitative research, or based in the North or South, we want to hear from you. Wondering if we will get along? Ask yourself these four questions; Are you curious about the world you live in, and the people around you? Do you work to high standards of integrity? Can you explain the most complicated ideas in the simplest of ways? And most importantly, do you have an opinion? If you answered yes to all of these, then send us an email now! Katrina.Copsey@rdsiresearch.com   Join Us.

Find us.

We work internationally and nationwide,
with offices in both London and Leeds.


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