Working flexibly and cost effectively to deliver quick turnaround feedback on 7 creative executions

Written by on July 5th, 2017

The Business Issue

A new client came to us having been through 3 previous rounds of research to crack their advertising. They were struggling to get the ‘a-ha’ moment that would reassure them they were taking the most successful execution forward. Just 1 week before production was due to start, they came to us with 7 potential executions and the need to identify the global solution that best expressed the campaign idea

What We Did

Reaching out to our trusted network of international research partners we were able to set up mini groups in the client’s key European markets in just 3 working days, followed by joint analysis sessions with the markets. We were able to explore all 7 executions in the groups to ensure we understood the potential, and learnings, from each

The Output

Thanks to our agile approach we delivered a succinct debrief just 1 week after the initial project briefing. Benefiting from the ‘fresh eyes’ we brought to the campaign and our high level strategic thinking we were able to not only identify the execution with the most potential across all markets, but also provide guidelines for future campaigns