Understanding the needs of students based on their attitudes not demographics

Written by on October 18th, 2016 in

The Business Issue

Our client was looking to get a better understanding of the issues facing their students and how those with different needs can be best supported to help them develop their next strategic plan. Importantly, they wanted to look at the needs of students differently, helping them to think beyond demographics, and instead look at their needs based on their attitudes and behaviour.

What We Did

With so much knowledge within the organisation, it was important to engage stakeholders from the beginning so we kickstarted the project with a workshop attended by staff from across the organisation to understand their thoughts on the next strategic plan and their expectations of the research.

An initial stage of qualitative research with a mix of students helped to identify some of the key issues facing this audience at the moment. This was followed by an extensive online survey targeting all students; segmentation analysis identified distinct student groups and a final stage of qualitative research helped to bring these segments to life.

The Output

RDSi took part in our client’s off site working meeting, immersing the stakeholders in their student segments, helping them to understand the issues each segment faces and the support they need. This armed the team with the insight they needed to develop themes for their 4 year strategic plan.