Understanding millennials who didn’t go into further education

Written by on October 19th, 2016

The Business Issue

A distance learning provider wanted to better understand a key audience to their evolving business: those aged 16-24 with level 1 qualifications, having chosen not to go into further education. Our client needed insight into their lifestyles, behaviours and attitudes in order to better understand their learning and training needs, and ways of tailoring materials to this audience

What We Did

Respondents completed a detailed pre-task giving us a view of their day to day lives and routines, what’s important to them and their hopes and fears for the future. This provided us with a strong foundation to speak to this audience in a group setting about all of the above in more detail, and understand how a learning provider could work harder to accommodate their lifestyles, and benefit their lives

The Output

We provided the client with a detailed pen portrait of this important audience, and insight into how they could better cater to them with engaging, hands-on ways of learning, while also providing flexibility in terms of learning and training methods