Exploring a comms campaign using our 360° digital technique

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The Business Issue

The objective was to assess a new campaign, identifying the strength / uniqueness of the campaign vs what is currently communicated by the category, as well as the campaign’s ability to make people switch to the brand. There were both time and budgetary limitations.

What We Did

Using our 360° digital qual approach allowed us to replicate the journey of how these consumers might be exposed to a campaign in real life. We carefully rotated different elements of the campaign over time to replicate how consumers may interact with campaigns in real life (stimulus including OOH / print, key visuals, online banners). Our platform allowed us to gain both private and public responses from consumers, ensuring honesty and genuine first responses (avoiding the pressure of saying ‘the right thing’) and then ‘opening’ the platform to allow consumers to openly discuss & build on each other’s ideas.

The Output

Our findings provided us with consensus on the success of the campaign and identified potential issues, as well as a level of detail we would have been extremely unlikely to have generated from a few 2 hour groups.