Consumer Connection: Enabling senior stakeholders to really get to know their consumers in a relevant, engaging & time efficient way

Written by on June 28th, 2017

The Business Issue

The workshop aimed to convey the power of one-to-one consumer experience – In an ever-changing world, our client felt they had lost touch with their consumers. With stakeholders having multiple pressures & demands on their time, there was a need to change behaviour and approach connections differently

What We Did

Consumers and stakeholders first connected through a WhatsApp mega group – enabling stakeholders to experience the power of being in consumers’ pockets for an ongoing chat. In addition, a fresh set of consumers were pre-tasked with doing an ‘exploratory collage’. We then facilitated a ‘Direct Contact’ one-day workshop involving consumers and 30 senior stakeholders, with varied global roles. The ‘Direct Contact’ session included:

1) The ‘Direct Contact’ room to enable stakeholders to speak to consumers one on one about their attitudes; and an opportunity to match each consumer to their collage

2) The ‘Always On’ room where iPads were set up showing all the WhatsApp conversations, enabling stakeholders to communicate, immediately with their consumers, which helped them realise the ease of connecting from their phones

3) The ‘Rich Media’ room enables stakeholders to log on to YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest to ascertain the best way to talk digitally to consumers

The Output

The session demonstrated the ease and ways in which clients can reach out and communicate with their consumers, and the value of both real and virtual experiences in creating one-to-one consumer experiences