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A quantitative framework for handling a breadth of ideas

Traditional concepts are difficult for consumers to work with

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At RDSi, many of our clients need to develop ideas that not only research well in qual, but also get the go-ahead from quantitative testing. We believe that if the concept research process starts out right, a green light is more achievable.


Millennials Mindcast: NOW LIVE!

Our new trailblazing digital community following the lives of millennials is now live! Over the next few months, we will be keeping in touch with a group of millennials who have just started life at university via a digital hub. The aim is to keep track of all the latest trends and issues that matter to this group of millennials during a significant transitional phase in their lives.

THE OVER 50s...

...are a diverse, nuanced group, dealing with a wide range of issues from retirement and health challenges through to finding love again.

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